Email Scam 9/29/17

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Currently, email messages that appear to come from "" are being sent to random individuals at Penn State. The email includes a link that leads to a fake WebAccess page and states that the recipient has “an important security notification regarding 2017 payroll schedule”.


What can you do?

  • If you received one of these messages (see an example shown below), simply delete the email. DO NOT click on the link, provide any information, or respond to the email. This is a phishing email that was not sent by Penn State and the link leads to a bogus site. 
  • If you did click on the link and entered your Penn State password, you should immediately go to the Penn State Password Management site at: and reset your Penn State password.
  • If you clicked on the email and entered any credit card or bank information, immediate contact those institutions and change any passwords they may have with those institutions.

More information on the phishing attempt is available on the OIS phishing website: