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General Questions

Information Technology Fee:

An Information Technology Fee is charged to all undergraduate and graduate students at all campus locations. The IT fee supports digital services such as internet access, e-mail, security, help services, software, computer labs, library resources, and wireless networks. Even if the student is not physically studying on campus, their e-mail account is still active and they have full access to the internet and other services. This is a mandatory fee.

See: http://reports.it.psu.edu/it-fee/it-fee-2016 for further information.


Penn State does not provide tuition discounts for families if two or more children attend.

If you need assistance with the cost of education at Penn State, please visit the financial aid office for your campus:

University Park


Directory of Financial Aid Offices at All Campuses


When the student has completed 59.1 or more course credits, including credits earned through advanced placement or transferred from another institution. Please note, depending on when the advanced placement or transfer credits are approved, a mid-semester tuition increase may result.

Instructional costs are determined by who teaches the course, by the number of students enrolled in the course, and by the subject being taught. Upper division and graduate courses are smaller in size and taught by senior faculty. These courses involve more specialized instruction within the student's major.

Yes, any student that audits a course is subject to pay the appropriate tuition and fees.

Your credits must be reduced to less than full-time (12 credits) before any adjustment is considered. The effective date of the drop, in conjunction with the length of the course, determines if an adjustment is due. For more information about tuition adjustments, please review the Tuition Adjustment Policy.

Students that withdraw from a semester due to medical reasons can petition the Bursar's Office for a possible one-time waiver of tuition. Requests for a tuition waiver are not guaranteed. The following documentation is required when submitting an appeal for a waiver of tuition based on medical reasons:

  1. A petition letter from the student requesting an adjustment of tuition and an explanation of the medical circumstances surrounding the withdraw (a specific description of the medical condition and how the student was unable to complete the semester). This letter should include the student's current mailing address.
  2. A letter from the student's physician, on office letterhead, outlining the medical diagnosis, dates treated, and prescribed treatment for the medical condition. This letter should include the recommendation of the physician to withdraw from the university.

Petitions should be mailed to 103 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802 to the attention of the Fee Assessor.

Yes, the employee must submit a "Dependent Grant-In-Aid Form" to the Employee Benefits office to receive the discount. The Dependent Grant-In-Aid online form must be completed prior to EACH semester or summer session in which the Grant-In Aid is to be applied for a dependent and/or spouse.  For additional information, including the Grant-in-Aid application submissions schedule, visit: https://hr.psu.edu/benefits/educational-privileges

Once approved by the Employee Benefits office, the staff discount will appear on your tuition bill. The 75% deduction will only be applied to the tuition. The staff discount cannot be applied to room and board charges, Information Technology Fee, and Student Fee (Student Initiated Fee).

Grant-in-aid will NOT be applied retroactively to previous semesters. If you have additional questions, please contact the Employee Benefits office at 814-865-1473.


World Campus students who take courses through other Penn State campuses will be assessed the Student Fee. The Student Fee is a non-refundable fee charged according to the total number of credits in which the student is enrolled immediately prior to the first day of the semester. Adding credits on or after the first day of the semester could result in a corresponding increase of the fees. Dropping credits on or after the first day of the semester will not reduce the fees charged.

The Student Fee (Student Initiated Fee) combines the previous Student Activities Fee and Student Facilities Fee. The Student Fee supports student-centered activities, services, facilities and recreation to improve student life and is the result of a student-led initiative to be more involved in the creation and allocation of student fees. The Student Fee is calculated in the same way as the previously separate fees, based on the campus and the number of credits in which a student is enrolled. The Student Fee is mandatory, just as the previous fees. Adding credits on or after the first day of the semester could result in a corresponding increase of the fee. Dropping credits on or after the first day of the semester may not reduce the fee charged. For questions regarding the Student Fee, go to www.studentfee.psu.edu

Other Fees - Not charged through the student account

Sponsored students are defined as those students with full or partial funding support from a foreign government, corporation, or nonprofit organization.

To offset additional institutional costs for services required by sponsoring organizations, all sponsoring organizations will be assessed a $300 per semester fee during the fall and spring semesters, and a per semester fee of $150 during summer, for each sponsored undergraduate and graduate student enrolled at Penn State.

For additional information on the services provided to sponsoring organizations by Penn State, please click HERE.