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Tuition Due Dates

Billing begins in early August for fall semester, January for spring semester, and May for summer semester.

The  Board of Trustees approves the tuition rates and mandatory fees for the academic year in mid-July.

Student Account Statements are prepared on a monthly basis.  The payment due dates are shown below and are noted in the Student Account Statement.  A 1.5% late fee will be assessed on the student account if payment is not posted to the student account by the due date. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payments made online are automatically posted to the student account. Mailed payments can take up to 7-10 business days to be received and posted to the student account.

** The University implemented the following two recommendations by the Faculty Senate effective fall 2018:

  1. To extend the due date of the first bill of  the fall and spring semesters to after the add/drop regular period.
  2. To extend the optional Installment Payment Plan from 3 to 4 monthly payments for the fall and spring semesters. Due to the shorter length of the summer session, the installment payment plan for summer will remain at its current three monthly installments.

Fall Semester 2019

Fall billing will begin in August

Due date


September 2 
  • August Student Account Statement is due
  • Last day to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan with 1/4 of the balance due 
  • After this date, one half of the balance due is required to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan
September 22                     
  • September Student Account Statement is due
  • Second installment payment is due
  • Last day to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan with one half of the balance due
October 22
  • October Student Account Statement is due
  • Third installment payment is due
  • Last day to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan (3/4 of balance due is required)
November  22 
  • November Student Account Statement is due 
  • Last installment payment is due